Who are we?

The Towers Residential Outdoor Education Centre is part of Wolverhampton Local Education Authority's Provision for Outdoor and Environmental Education. The Centre was officialy opened in April 1961 and has since been extended to offer facilities for people with mobility porblems.

The Towers is pleased to offer you courses for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Special Education, Youth Groups, Teachers and Youth Leaders. We train and assess all levels of National Governing Body Awards.

Built in the 1870ís the impressive Tudor style building is situated on a magnificent site on the side of the wooded Llugwy Valley in The Snowdonia National Park. There are nine, three to six bedded dormitories on seperate floors for boys and girls with two separate bedrooms for visiting members of staff each accomodating two people. There are excellent facilites for changing, showers, dining, study and leisure. The Centre is ideally situated and fully equipped for outdoor activities and field study courses. All specialist clothing and equipment is supplied.

The outdoor activities are organised and led by experienced and fully qualified teacher/instructors who live in North Wales, supported by accompanying staff who provide overnight supervision. The Instuctional staff are all first aid qualified, hold appropriate National Governing Body Awards and have an extensive knowledge of the area. The programme is flexible and responds to the specific identified needs of the participants and any requirements of the National Curriculum

The Centre is licensed by the Adventure Activites Licensing Authority to conduct its activities.

Walking, climbing, a variety of watersports and field study form the basis of a challenging programme that is adapted day to day according to the prevailing weather and to the abilities and needs of individuals and groups. The domestic arrangements are an integral part of this framework and underpin the aims of the Centre.